San Sebastian, Colombia - Medium Roast

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Tasting Notes: Vanilla Notes, Balance Acidity, Hazelnuts Aftertaste

Origin: Paez, Cauca, Colombia

Roast: Medium Roast

Roast Profile For: Drip machine, Pour over Methods, French press


Facing Coffee Farming Challenges as a Big Family

Since 2013 the coffee leaf rust (roya) crisis taught us many things and one of them was to unite forces with other coffee producers around the world and together share and learn to become resilient against the unknown.

In the last eight years we’ve been halted to realize that producing coffee means we must face the uncontrollable weather patterns, invasive pests, diseases and lately labor shortages due covid and human migration.

In collaboration with Arcila family, 4th Generation Coffee Growers from Quindio Colombia, we are pleased to offer you San Sebastian coffee with 3 different Arabica varieties, where one of them, the Castillo variety, was created to fight the environmental stress on coffee fruit production associated with climate change, suited to increase agroforestry and most importantly interesting flavors on the cup, especially once blended with other arabica varieties and here is where Carlos and Felipe from Arcila family have the know-how and carefully selected Typica and Caturra varieties for this coffee.

We roast profiled and cupped and agreed to offer you not just a medium roast but also a tint dark roast because during the roasting-caramelization these 3 varieties provided room for two consistent coffees with a balance acidity, caramelized notes like Milk Chocolate, Vanilla and yes Maple Sirup!🍁

Now that the hardest part has been done, we are excited to announce that we are ready to take your online roast-to order and just enjoy and have fun with it by grinding these beans for different filter coffee methods.

If you still don’t have a coffee grinder, contact us, there are lots of options available on the market for coffee drinkers who are just starting to explore up to advanced and please know that ultimately with our First-Hand Coffee Experience promise not matter what, you will get fresh, flavorful coffee with lots of antioxidants due our harvest-selective picking, roasting under caramelization not carbonization and collectively you become part of our Farmer to Consumer effort, which helps us directly to conserve the lands and ensure the future of coffee is possible.


Giovanni & Team.


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